Thursday, January 12, 2006

Hello I Must Be Going...

Silly, really. Just posting to say I wont be posting. Have been working quite a lot and now I'm spending the weekend in Vermont. First time out of the city in a while, which is exciting. Not much to report, otherwise. Ankle hurts, Henry's fine, weather is creepily warm. Our team took first place in the Wednesday Night Trivia Contest at Pete's Candy Store. We had twice as many team members as any other team.

A great weekend to all.


  1. enjoy the weekend!

  2. You're hilarious (and I do the same thing). Funny how blogging becomes like an obligation. I'm sure your readers appreciate the notice. Now we won't be fruitlessly clicking on your link all weekend. Enjoy Vermont :)

  3. Vermont...never been there. Huge state with billions of people, right?