Thursday, March 01, 2007

"The Lost Episode" or: Where from here?

When the recordings of podcasts come as infrequently as mine do, they become a valuable commodity. Not to YOU...oh no. To you, they are the burden I have passed from my frontal lobe onto your indulgent shoulders. But to me, the guy who is supposed to be throwing new material up here every little while, anything that resembles a useful topic is pure gold.

So imagine how bad a Doncast recorded on President's Day has to be for me to be sort-of-but-not-really posting it now. Yeah. Bad.

It was a useful recording, if for no other reason than it showed me that perhaps I was, as I had suspected, in no frame of mind to be communicating to the world at large. Not angry, not depressed,

More than usual. So don't expect a surprising and sudden clarity of vision or execution from here on out, but I do feel I am in a good spot to deliver the same level of confusion and banality everyone has come to expect here.

Part of it goes back to the Death of the Easy Topic. For a long time I was able to yammer on about the Items One Should Have in their Home Toolbox. Little did I know how short that list would be, or how reliant I would become upon it as a structural crutch. Not to mention the fact I actually know something about hand tools and their uses, just like I knew something about Colonial House and what it was like to be involved in that project, which is what led to me blogging in the first place.
One of those rules they always hammer home to you in creative writing classes is "write what you know." In the blogging version I'm pretty sure it goes something like "write what you know, you think you know or what you know you hate."

I'm not sure where this goes from here, with tools and tv shows just about covered... I turned down a show on HGTV the other day, foolishly waving off another good blogging topic. Perhaps another one will come around, prefferably with a lot of juicy infighting and politics.

Until that interesting show comes around, and if you are a real glutton for punishment, you can check out the "lost" episode of the doncast here. Please know before trying to listen that the language is sometimes vulgar, the (new) microphone awful and the host worse.

NEW EDIT (3/3/07):
It has been pointed out to me that I didn't credit the songs, which is a terrible thing to do.
They are "Provisional" by Fugazi and "St. Ignatius" by the Old 97's.


  1. That's OK Don, we luvs ya anyway! Missed ya too! Glad to see your alive and back.

  2. Anonymous9:56 PM EST

    Am I crazy for thinking this is one of your more interesting podcasts?
    After listening to most of the others this one seemed more...I don't know if "real" is the appropriate term since I only know you through these podcasts, but you seemed more comfortable.
    For example, at one point I found myself responding to you as if it were an actual converstion. Don, I like my computer but I don't normally talk to it. Please take this as a compliment for you and I'll quietly worry about what kind of bad sign this is for me.
    So is that it? It was more comfortable, more converstional?
    Hell, maybe it was simply the scotch.

  3. Anonymous10:02 AM EST

    In a beer vs. scotch debate, isn't beer the lesser of the two evils?

    You, dear soul, need a vacation.

    A week or two in a very warm climate, throwing care to the wind, would serve you well.

  4. I think we have very different tastes in liquor. I prefer Bourbon or Rye, since it doesn't have that dirt taste.


    I've been to some of those retirement homes and they are the most opressive places I have ever seen. I would much prefer the dead, to the slowly-dying.


    As you were talking about the hat, I kept thinking about the fact that this is exactly how I feel about why some people are better cooks than others.

    Then you moved on to the bagel-of-hate story, which perfectly demonstrates what I was thinking about.

    Forgive me while I now ramble, but have you ever noticed that often the food at funerals is so much better than food normally cooked by the same people? I think it's because of all the emotion they are feeling while cooking it. So, the flavors seem more intense. Which is why you should always skip the buffet at a funeral for someone who was killed in an accident; there is too much anger in the food.

    People can make fun of your bagel all they want, but I entirely agree on this one. I'm not sure that makes you feel any better about it, but there it is.

  5. Who would eat a bagel of hate?
    Screw that guy.

  6. About the bagel of hate... isn't that the yin of yang? and doesn't that have to do with passing on bad karma?

    For myself, I'm a beer gal, but it's got to be in a bottle. It tastes so much better than from a can, and draft...ooooh don't get me started! God I sound like a lush when really I'm a lightweight. lol

  7. You're right about how the energy that's put into something effects the end user. I am intrigued to hear you get so metaphysical on us, though. The next thing you know, you'll be talking to dead people.

    Oh, wait...

  8. Hey Don:

    Have not listened yet. I have not even been on the forums lately but I think that your discussions are interesting lol. All well.

  9. Finally got to listen and it was worth the wait...a little peek into the dark and tangled and Scotch soaked psyche of our favorite carpenter/tv star. I do not partake in Scotch, yet I was able to follow the wanderings of this podcast appreciatively.
    Don't make us wait too long for more, okay?
    By the way, you should open up a coffee stand, like a kid's lemonade stand, and set it up in front of the bagel nazi's store. Charge a nickel and infuse each cup with warm, happy wishes. Call it Good Karma Koffee. That'd show him and his bagel of hate.

  10. Anonymous8:28 PM EST

    I once, twice had previously written how wonderful it was to hear your voice again, even if you think all have been struck with some "bad choice disease" to listen to you for a half and hour listening to your ramblings, which btw are more interesting than mine. But all that had gotten erased due to some computer glich i had.
    I also mentioned something about the scotch vs beer debate. Personally I like Vodka, but that leads to tales left untold unless told in person while drinking it.
    Can't remember whatelse the computer glich i had erased but it was probaly not unimportant. Well, to wrap this up, it truly was nice to hear you again.

  11. Anonymous6:50 PM EDT

    This Saturday, will you be washing down your corned beef and cabbage dinner with green beer(perhaps green scotch)?

  12. The beef can be corned, the cabbage can be cooked to a mush, and the beer can even be green, but green scotch... na I don't think so.

  13. Anonymous10:06 PM EDT

    Green beer, green scotch, green anything, it boils down to two "magic" coloring.

    Drinking green beer on St. Patrick's day is quite common in my neck of the woods.

    Only a few drops of coloring are needed, more would have to be used to color scotch green.