Monday, April 30, 2007

The Fifth Dimension

I am going against recent custom in this post, eschewing the usual "Why am I writing this?" intro. I am also going to use the word "eschew", against my better judgement. I do this not because I know people are sick of hearing about that, though they are. I simply know, this morning, why I am writing. I'm stalling.

But we'll get to that later...

First, why don't we return to the question regarding what you fill a blog with if it isn't snarky commentary or pictures of your pets...
That is an easy question if you have been smart and chosen a clear, focused topic for your blog, like, say, new tech hardware or cupcakes. That is how this whole thing started, with Colonial House and tons of questions I could never answer individually. (By the way, I love the the tag line on that Colonial House homepage: "...Inspiring a Nation..." Inspiring them to what, march with pitchforks and torches up the hill to the doors of their local PBS affiliate? People hated that show! Not everyone,and probably not you, gentle reader, but a lot of people. And I know media hatred. Everything I've been involved with in the mass media has been hated, virulently. But that, and the fact people still allow me to do these projects, is a topic for another day...) I started a website, answered the questions, threw up some photos, then did the same for In a Fix when I ended up on that show. Then IaF was cancelled. That would have been a good place to stop.

But I didn't, and here we are. Were does the time go? Me still writing, you still reading... I feel like Kenny Rogers did a duet with someone about this same situation, but then, what situation isn't covered under the dulcet-toned umbrella of the Kenny Rogers canon? Now after all this time the thing has a sort of low quality life of it's own, waking up several times a night and shuffling toward the bathroom, gumming down the peas and lime jello that don't get stuck to the oxygen tube snaking towards it's nose. That sort of thing.

Long term care, that is really what we are talking about here. No real attractive options but some worse than others. And like all You-Can't-Leave facilities, what you will be eating is one of the largest concerns.

Having developed this new allergy to large amounts of snark, I'm thinking I'll try to work more awe into the diet. It is never easy to change one's diet, but usually once you get going you realize there are things out there that fit your new regimen and are enjoyable. A few things have struck me lately as low level awe inspiring, but it just seemed sort of dull to write about. But then I got an email asking about where to find an old blog post with a theme I thought would bore everyone to tears and ended up being the only one I've ever been asked about, the only one ever to end up as a forum topic. So you never know...

What I do know is that this post right here is long enough without a whole lot of extra crap thrown in and has rabbit-holed to a spot where any transition would be a disgracing of the word. Besides, this post has done what it was supposed to do. I have stalled. I should have been on a subway to work an hour ago. I don't have a full day's worth of things to get done today, so that isn't a worry, but even on these short days I like to get going early and keep the late afternoon to myself. However last night an unfortunate transit worker was hit and killed by a subway train in the station I transfer in. And for some reason the thought of riding over the spot where someone just died gives me pause. Of course, there is no way the trains won't be routed around that bit of track while the investigation continues, but I don't know, just the idea...
It is irrational, yes. As is the thought doing the same commute an hour later will make some sort of karmic difference. But we're funny that way, you and I. Right?

That's what keeps Kenny Rogers interested.


  1. Yes, we're a funny lot all right (the human race, that is).

    PS. There's a part of me that is relieved and another part that is disappointed that this post had nothing to do with Marilyn McCoo.

  2. If you have nothing to say than you have nothing to say. It's no big deal and it's better to be silent then to go on about yada-yada senseless drivel.(some people are quite good at that!) We are a patient group and like so meny things in life quality is better then quantity. When something stikes you to be worthy of comment then by all means stike back! We'll wait:)

    Catboy, Marilyn Mc...Who? lol

  3. Marilyn McCoo was a 60's/70's singer who was in a group called The Fifth Dimension. Yes, I have shown my age with this knowledge.

    Since I am back, I realize I didn't comment on the main subject: does a blog need to be focused.

    My own blog (which, I know, is not for everyone) is a schizophrenic experience that goes from profanity-laced tyrades against vinyl flooring retailers, to restaurant reviews dripping with sexiness, to stories about people who's greatest joy in life is someone not being cruel to them, to my vast experiences as a pedestrian in a world of big cars piloted by idiots, to the occasional pasta recipe, to bitching about annoying relatives, all the way to a short story about my grandmother who owned a sex-toy and didn't know it.

    As I said, it is not for everyone.

    I said it before- blog what you think will do you and your reader some good. And if you have to chose, opt for what will do you some good. (Blogging is much cheaper than therapy.)

  4. Anonymous9:16 PM EDT

    La Von, well stated!

    Cat, La Von was needling you...McCoo sounds like McWho.

    Don, a lot of people didn't hate Colonial House(I STILL watch it)!

    Negative opinions about "that show" were made known to you via the media or through personal contact, hence your assumption that "people hated that show".
    I'll guarantee the folks who liked Colonial House far outnumber the ones you feel hated it.

    The propensity to complain when one doesn't like something always overshadows the quiet of satisfaction!

    I like jello, lime or otherwise!

    *Deb* ;-D

  5. Scattered comments...

    I enjoyed Colonial House
    I like snark in a blog
    I am not part of the 'patient lot'. I am quite impatient.

    which leads to

    Don't Jump the Snark and start blogging about mundane things exclusively. Gimme somma dat old Don sass.

    (whose login will probably say 'jenny robin'

  6. I never watched Colonial House (had no idea it was still running, maybe I'll try it on for size) - I never watched in a fix - I haven't seen any of your movies - though one of them is on my netflix list and will surprise me in the mail someday... I like the snark/sass - I think your blog should be ALL ABOUT YOU and not about the readers at all... recently I started futzing about readers instead of just writing my gut - and now all my posts suck ass. I used to approach my blog like it was my Big Chief from 10th grade - only I type ever so much faster, and the keyboard doesn't smell anything like that cool old tablet of newsprintish paper - maybe we should both get back to something like that - I know I'm considering it -- and I found you because a mutual friend did see you on Colonial House and she liked it - so there you are - one more testimony in favor of you trudging around as far as I can discern unwashed and accompanied by your dog

  7. oh shit...

    ps. Catboy

    I thought Marilyn McCoo was hot way before it was cool for girls to think other girls were hot!