Tuesday, November 27, 2007


Ah, the wonders of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I went demanding beer, cheese and brats and I was not disappointed. I give it pretty short shrift in this, the first podcast in a while, but I imagine most of you will find that a merciful decision.
I went all legal in this one and used music form Podsafe again. There is a lot of good stuff on there, but boy does it take a while to sift through things. The music here is "Dance of the Burdened" from Kathy Reynolds. I'm not sure I'd just sit down and listen to much of her stuff, but I certainly appreciate her offering it up into the void for folks like me to chop up and talk over.

As promised in the audio, here's a link with more information about mini bowling at Koz's. It'll take you to a well written local Milwaukee blog, Play in the City, which includes some pictures which just may shed more light on the situation, as well as a wealth of other Milwaukee information.

Also from the audio...
The Milwaukee Art Museum.

And ripped from the latest headlines...
Another Important Milwaukee Art Story.

I had an incredible time checking out Milwaukee and ended up scanning the classifieds, trying to suss out the construction job market and shaking my head in disbelief at the quality of housing available for under $200,000. I didn't want to do this, but as a citizen of New York City I am required by local statute to stare at the real estate listings of almost any other city in the country, mouth agape, eyes glassy, trying to fit them into my reality. It's part of what makes us irritating, and "irritating" is a cherished piece of New York City's treasured cultural heritage.

And oh, here it is, hot off the hard drive...some video of the aforementioned mini bowling:

If the youtube version is too grainy for you, right click and download the flash version Right Here. It uses Flash 8 and does a gorgeous job, but you'll need the Adobe Flash Player to watch it.


  1. McHales Bar in Times Square closed very soon after I was there. That was a huge loss, it was a real bar.

  2. Anonymous10:21 AM EST

    Its nice to see you blogging again. I personally have never been to Milwaukee, in fact i can't even spell it without looking at what you blogged. I did however go to Green Bay,Wisconsin and I think you had more fun than I did.
    As far as the house prices go here in my neck of the woods-you can buy a house for $69,000 sometimes more-sometimes less. I did mine. And if your mouth is still agape, be sure not to catch any flies in it.:)

  3. playinthecity.blogs.com3:11 PM EST

    Hey Don!

    I'm glad you found Play in the City resourceful! Make sure you come back and check it out again!

  4. Were you permitted to talk to the pin people?
    Did they cheer you on?
    Did they heckle the other bowlers in the other lanes....I would want my pin person to be rooting for me!
    (That was the most fascinating job I have ever seen.)

  5. "take it easy."

    looks like you were doing a fine job of that.

    am wondering if mini-bowling would be more "up my alley," as I can't seem to break this 100 streak I have going with the regular balls.