Friday, December 21, 2007

One more before the holiday...

I just came across some weird aggregator that had a post up by me from about this time last year. It kind of goes on and on (I know, how surprising!) about being unable to kind of flip the switch on Holiday Spirit and what one might do about it. As I read it I realized I was in the exact same spot this year, only later, and that advice I gave to myself then would still be good advice for me today. Maybe someone else out there can use it too.


  1. I know at least a few people told you this already, but the forum is down. The displaced are congregating at my blog and awaiting warm blankets, coffee, and donuts (or fruit cup, if you prefer) so you can leave a comment there if you know what the issue is.

    PS. I see in your recommendations- the film Notorious. I somehow have two copies of the Criterion collection DVD, you are welcome to one if you want it. (Best movie ever.)

  2. At my main blog, not the food blog (which is on life support).