Sunday, March 16, 2008

I Heart Cops!

Just a quick one, a positive start to the week...

I just want to do my part to promote the youtube video below. It shows a Los Angeles Police Officer (apparently his name is Sergeant Wayne Guillary)at a protest against the Church of Scientology. There is the usual chanting crowds, etc. you'd expect with a "Police at Protest Video", but his response is one we don't usually see publicized. He is calm, informative and actually fulfilling his duty as a "peace" officer. I imagine 99% of cops in the same situation do the same thing, but never get seen. Here's hoping this guy is turned into an internet sensation and ends up touring the country (or at least New York City) doing crowd control seminars for other cops.
Link away, ratchet up the positive reinforcement pressure, and if you'd like, send an email to:

EDIT: I just watched it again to check the post went up okay, and realized something else, the actual true power of his approach. At the end of his sentence about not wanting them to get hurt, the off screen voice of a protester says "Okay, yeah."
What else could he say?

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