Friday, April 04, 2008

One More White Guy on Dr. King's Assasination

Dr. King gave this speech the night before he died.

Work today was an usually quiet, solo affair for the most part, installing aluminum trim pieces on the glass partition wall we installed yesterday and caulking the edges. One of those days where I get a lot of podcast and radio listening done. Much of the focus today was on the anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King's assassination, and it reminded me of my visit to the site of his murder, which is now the National Civil Rights Museum. I wrote a little about it but spoke at greater length about my experience there in doncast14. I've clipped the relevant portion as todays podcast.

You can get the whole text intro and everything here:
"Hope. Not so expensive..." July 1, 2006

It was strange to listen to it now. I never thought of these as little time capsules, but of course they are.

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  1. I downloaded an .mp3 of his DC speech years ago and listened to it and realized how short-changed I was to just have been given the bumpersticker version of his speech through newscasts. You said it well Don when you said that future generations are going to look back at us for being so dumb...not seeing that race is an illusion.