Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Happy Thoughts

Laree Love, Eric the Cinematographer, and Some Old Dude.

Laree Love again, clearly happier to be standing next to the lovely Laura Sweeney.

Okay, okay, here's something for all of you who are thinking "Wow, thanks for getting the blog going again, Captain Downer."

A very fun thing I could write about is "Satan Hates You", the movie we finished shooting just a bit ago. Problem is, everyone's got a stick up their ass about secrecy and control and How People Will Perceive Things.

I had wondered where Karl Rove had been working, now I know...

Anyhoo, this situation has made it damn near impossible to write about anything or post any photos. Luckily, one of the producers has posted some stuff on her blog, so it must be okay, and if it isn't, it's not my fault. Click Here!

Most of the photos are from the Wrap Party. I had a softball game that night, and as such arrived late. How hilarious to be the one sober person in a sea of your absolutely shitfaced friends. It was awesome. It also enabled me to steer a couple people out of certain trouble, which they've done for me many times.


  1. I was sorry to have been in the neighborhood a month or so too early- it looks like a quite a shindig (work environment, I mean).

    Rollie Fingers lives. In Brooklyn.

    PS. Martha is going to love "Captain Downer."

  2. What?!
    All the good looking people DO live in NYC...

  3. Guilty as charged - I'm giggling at "Captain Downer." (Charles knows me too well.)

    Generally speaking, I enjoy being the sole sober person in a group of...ahem...less-than-sober people. (It's particularly amusing when one is on a faculty retreat with 80 other teachers. If the kids only knew...)

  4. I was recently the only sober person in a group of drunk freinds at a TX Rangers baseball game. I left after the second round of peeing on cars in the parking lot occurred well after the game ended.