Saturday, September 13, 2008

An Actor's Worst Nightmare

My brother and I, way back in 1999 (?) started playing a computer game against each other. It was called Command and Conquer, and we could play each other...even though we lived in different cities! We would hook our computers into our respective phone jacks at an agreed-upon time and our computers would dial each other up and after that, it was on.

A lot of things have changed since then. There is now the internet (and lag) instead of phone-to-phone connections and games have come quite a long way. The Command and Conquer franchise, has, however, hung on and about every other iteration or so we both buy it and relive those old dial-up days. These days the games have multi-million dollar budgets and name actors doing not only the voice over, but "cut scenes", where the game stops and a cinematic scene plays out to advance the plot of the game.
I just got hit up to do a customer satisfaction survey of this last game, and among the other elements I was asked about was this question:

Oh, those poor, poor actors. Mr. McKenney has assured me this will be part of the interactive features of the "Satan Hates You" DVD package.


  1. Carl Lumbly and Natasha Hen-whatever are pretty successful actors too. At the mercy of being critiqued by gamers. That's a low blow.

  2. True, amysue, but the newest version of the game is about to come out and from the looks of it, perhaps preemptive acting ratings/safeguards should have been put in place.

  3. That was awesome. True porno quality acting. So you actually see the actors during the game? It's not just voiceovers?

  4. ahh how i miss playing that game...i should find it and upload it to my computer again. maybe i will finally become a decent player and not have to yell at the screen when i get scared the other team is going to beat me. yeh...i'm that sad.