Friday, September 05, 2008

Bad Words and Boring Words. Or Vice Versa.

Yeah, I went there. This long delayed podcast is sure to underwhelm even as it overdoes. Tough trick, that, but kid of my specialty. If you are sick of politics, don't even bother. Especially scintillating is my stuttering bloviation on free trade. Awesome.
In better news, the bicyclist in this video:

Really? You mean he isn't being charged with assaulting the cop? Hmmm.Now, God knows I'm all for assaulting the Critical Mass bicycle riders-if you saw them in action, you'd know where I'm coming from on this-but by the cops? No. Cops should not do that. They have guns and mace and nightsticks, so they need to be held to a higher standard. Just like when you are much bigger than your little sister. You are not allowed to hit her. No matter how annoying she is being, no matter she started it, no matter she is hitting you, no matter you are 41 and she is 37.

The rules are different for you.
Cops should not body check the Critical Mass riders.

No, I'm talking about something different. I'm talking about random, vigilante-on-hippie violence.

I'm not advocating it, now, I'm just sayin'... if you assault a hippie on a double-decker bike, and I'm on your jury...well...if the glove doesn't fit, I may not convict.

The good news, YES! GOOD NEWS TO LEAVE YOU WITH! I AM NOT TRYING TO RUIN YOUR DAY!-is that while looking for news on the bicycle fella, I found this fantastic piece on the Gothamist about, it first.

Awesome, no?

But be sure to treat yourself to the guy's bio.
" the legendary George Takai."

Dirtbag? No, no, that's not the word I'm looking for...but it does end in "bag"...and I think it begins with a "D"....

Speaking of "D", the music in the podcast is "Enough" from Disturbed. Their "Invincible" album has been this year's Musical Guilty Pleasure of the Summer. Each summer I end up listening to one album over and over that would make my music conscious-okay, snobby-friends hold their hands to their sadly shaking heads. This summer it was this album, best played very loud while lifting weights or screaming "Fuck you, Dad, you'll never understand me!" and slamming the door to your room.


  1. George Takai has improved Howard Stern's show leaps & pounds!
    And if I were to admit my summer album, it will out-shame ya!
    Danity Kane: Welcome to the Dollhouse.
    of MTV's Making the Band.
    I'll shut up now.

  2. Not until you identify that tattoo in the pic.

  3. The logo of Ani DiFranco's Righteous Babe Records. When I'm not listening to girl groups put together by P. Diddy, I'm rockin' to the little folk singer. If I was a young lesbian, the tat would be my bat signal !

  4. Don, I thought I was just plain sick of listening to commentary on the presidential race, but I was wrong. You had me laughing my ass off. Thank you for a great end to the work week.

  5. This podcast was a long time coming and this is what we get?
    No, really, I could talk about (and hear about) this election from now until November. The demonstrators just make themselves look desperate, not exactly the way you win people's admiration and trust in your cause. Publicity is kind of useless when you look like a jackass. I thought the RNC had its share of "beautiful people", certainly more than the DNC. What, are you saying that lingerie from Wal-mart isn't sexy?
    In all seriousness, I have my doubts about Obama, I have more about Palin. McCain seems to me to have the integrity I'd like to see in a president, or at least he did before this campaign began in earnest. But I can't vote for someone whose policies are so contradictory to my values, whatever his character.

  6. It is painful to watch convention coverage, even more painful to watch canned speeches by candidates.
    If only everyone knew how staged this crap is.
    Case in point, the enourmous screen image of cornfields behind McCain during his speech....did it trigger thoughts of the heartland? Nope. It was just CORNY!

  7. So much to comment on. . .

    I too am partisan and I quite agree that not knowing this is a big problem.

    Clearly the people at both conventions are not aware of that since they ate up every word of the speeches. I kept hoping someone would suddenly shout out something like "Those Uncle Sam hats do not make you less ugly," just to see if they'd applaud that too.

    I live in California so I am so very well aware of how people set their own causes back by acting like patronizing asses.

    Oh yeah, interesting the wars we chose to fight and the ones we ignore entirely. I'm impressed that you got through that section of the podcast without saying "fuck" or "bullshit."

    I stay the hell out of SFO on Critical Mass days, I am convinced I will do what that cop did- those annoying, self-important bike people. What is so God-dammed wondeful about being able to ride a bike- I saw a squirrel do it once.

    Yes, I am rambling and will stop now. (Pluots are still in season.)

  8. Best comments ever. I mean, they contain "...lesbian...bat signal..." What's not to love?

    The canned ham aspect of the conventions *is* pretty dull. I'm not sure how people are supposed to know how staged it is though, when supposed authorities in the media talk about how Palin's speech was "clearly written for her," knowing full well that Lincoln may have been the last politician who delivered a speech he wrote himself. It is just ridiculous.