Saturday, October 04, 2008

Waiting at the Farmer's Market

This was half of the senior citizen section, Henry being clipped to the other side of the fence. Saturday mornings mean the Farmer's Market is set up down at Fort Greene Park, and after the Off Leash hours end at 9am, most folks drift down through to pick up whatever it is they need to make themselves feel all Green and Healthy and Locally Grown for the week. Unfortunately, they all bring their dogs with them. Seeing these mass-different, age-similar pooches clipped up across from Henry, out of the way, I wondered if it was no coincidence the owners of older dogs may have the experience to realize not every situation is dog-by-your-side appropriate. Say, for instance, a crowded Farmer's Market.

A pet peeve.

Cute photo though, no?


  1. They are too cute. I got to pet the most beautiful, calm, sweet Husky today.

  2. Awww. Sweet doggies. Pet Henry for me, wouldja?

  3. There are very few people who show up with dogs to the market here so I have yet to find myself tripping over one. There are however a lot of tiny Asian women who enjoy running into me with their carts (I think I'd get into trouble if I tried tying them to a fence).

  4. I was at a festival this weekend where people were dripping with dogs. Although I loved cooing over the puppies it's not such a cool idea when there are hundreds of people crammed into an smallish area. Fortunately at least some of them were being carried in baby carriers or strollers. (Yes, the dogs looked a little embarrassed.)