Friday, February 27, 2009

Orchard Street Job Pics.

Here are some pics from the job I've been working on. If you go up top and click on "Show Info" there are tiny descriptions.


  1. Some of these, due to the task lighting, have a very atmospheric (for lack of a better word) look to them.

    And I love pictures of worn stairs.

  2. You & your boyz have done some amazing work!
    I love the columns.
    The cement mixer is so cute!
    Nice ramp.
    Big wood.
    I had forgotten what a winning smile you have.

  3. Anonymous8:45 AM EDT

    Great work! What a transformation - are those the original columns and is that "carving" on them? These slides show how much actual work is involved in what some to believe is a "simple" project. AND it looks very cold!