Saturday, March 07, 2009

CNBC, Threat or Menace? The Daily Show Lays it Out.

This was from the March 4th Daily Show, which I believe was the best Daily Show, first to last, I ever saw. Great guest, Joe Nocera, and a straight up CNBC smackdown. Below is just part of it.


  1. Awesome. God, I love Jon Stewart. I'll have to watch the rest of it sometime.

  2. I'm w/amysue, LOVE Jon Stewart!
    He has to have the most intelligent writers available.

    My question is:
    Have you ever tried to figure out your finances...on weed?
    (from 1/2 Baked)

  3. It's the tough thing when you criticize someone else for getting a bailout while you or your buddies are already on the dole. It's funny but sad because he's right...while being an ass at the same time.

  4. Anonymous1:41 AM EDT

    I too loved this episode, but I have to say that I was disappointed when Jon Stewart didn't push the point after Cramer started saying that he was "set up" and that Jon Stewart was a communist.

    Bill Maher recently said that Obama's wishy washy attitude towards health care, war crimes, and achieving anyhing of substance was not what he voted for. He wishes Obama would assume some of the sadly misplaced certitude that Dubya swaggered about with.

    I think that's true for liberals generally. It's not just enough to point out the idiocy and greed one time, you have to follow up when they protest.