Sunday, November 22, 2009

Early Favorite for Worst Christmas Commercial

I actually like it when the Christmas ads come around, in general.  I love the whole season, crass commercialization be damned.  Sure, I wasn't so thrilled to see the ad season start before Halloween, but the ads, along with the change of weather (which may or may not happen in NYC this year) call up a certain nostalgia.  
This year has been different, as we've ditched cable and gone to an antennae-AppleTV-Roku box setup.  I watch almost nothing broadcast besides sports, so I see very few commercials. (An aside: the over-the-air HD picture blows cable or satellite away, I recommend trying it.)  This Sunday, though, I've seen quite a few.  Missing so far has been my biggest Christmas Ad Pet Peeve, which is the Luxury Car as Gift ad.  I'll save that rant for another day, but never say the recession didn't bring a few good things, too...

I did, however, see this, a new low for Kay Jewelers.  Where to begin?  The hideousness of the jewelry? Maybe.  Who has the creepier voice?  Perhaps.  But what had us dropping our jaws was the stunningly smug,!  This household has consumed about 20 hours of Mad Men over the past couple weeks and that commercial seems too aggressively backward to be approved even by Sterling Cooper.  Thoughts?