Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Long time coming.

This has been a long time coming. Not the move to a blogging site, just this damn entry. The mini work blitz pre-holidays, followed by the holidays, its all just made it hard to get this going again. I have been moving some stuff over to this site from the blog page on my site, and while I hope it makes the entries easier to keep track of, follow and share with others, (features some people had asked for but which are beyond my tiny web powers), the reformatting process falls somewhere between watching family members shop and taxes on the Scale of Fun. (I like to keep things at about a 7.5...)

So, we'll see how this goes... I have my feelings about it but I'll keep them to myself. After a while I'll put up a poll in the forums and see what people think of it. It definitely is different...anyway...

I suppose I should have something to report, so much time has gone by, but I don't feel like I do. Just the same old Christmas and New Years news everyone else has bored you with at work. Some forum denizens went against my not-so-stern wishes and sent me gifts, which was embarassing and nice at the same time. So, thank you. Someone also sent a self-addresed envelope the size of a headshot and I am happy to report that I finally overcame the nausea long enough to send the damn thing out to get reproduced. In a week or two I should have them back. One more excuse down the drain.

So I'm wondering now if it is acutally some subliminal message runnng in the back of the blogging software that makes most of them sound dull, trite and self-centered, just like this one sounds right now....

Well how about this?... Today I went with Fynn to the apartment of a Brazilian pop star to install kitchen cabinets. The apartment is one of those modest, nice little places right off a park (Tompkins Square Park in this case...yeah, that Tompkins Square Park...times, they are a' changin') that make you think "This wouldn't be half bad" for half a second, when the other half of your brain reminds you the nice little one and 1/2 bedroom went for well over a million. All of which is besides the point, really. The point, as small and hopelessly irrelevant as it is, is that we shared our work environment today with two South American painters, one of whom giggled like a schoolgirl all day. No. Literally. Like a 12-year-old girl. I suppose it could have been skull scrapingly annoying, but first day back after a little time off, it was just ridiculous and made us glad we do the work we do, with all the nuts and characters it brings with it. New ones every job, with some classics thrown in.

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