Thursday, January 05, 2006

Individuality, a sucker's bet.

Everyone always tells you to be yourself, do what interests you regardless of it's popularity in the everyday world you inhabit. What they don't tell you is this course of action will leave your head full of experiences to share and surrounded by people who couldn't be less interested.

This happened to me today, when I arrived at work bleary-eyed by two succesive nights of post-midnight college football. Sure, the present-and-ex artists I work with would nod and "Cool..." and try and make me feel less of an idiot, but as soon as I opened my mouth, the glaze would be on. Of course, had I wanted football talk I could have gone to the bar down the street the last two nights and watched with a more traditional construction crowd, but intercommercial conversation could have turned any minute to pop culture, and then inexorably to which movies everyone had last seen, and there I would be, defending the simple act of attending "Brokeback Mountain", never mind the fact I actually thought it was very good. Varied and Unique Interests. Don't fall prey.

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  1. Red Nellie6:34 PM EST

    You certainly have high expectations if you are disappointed that your friends don't share ALL of your interests. C'mon, man. That's why God invented YahooGroups.