Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Still Around

I'm still here and have a few things on the back burner, just need to find the time to put 'em down.
In trying to get the dog walked, laundry done (once a month wether I need it or not!), friends seen,news read, family wrote to and simple unwinding done, it becomes very clear to me, quite often, why you don't see more carpentry blogs out there. Without what would probably be construed by the corporate world-uncharitably-as "time theft" at desk jobs around the globe, where would blogging be?


  1. Anonymous12:22 PM EST

    I hope one of the things you have on the "back burner" are the details of your recent adventures in Vermont.--Deb

  2. Jenn (another one)5:12 PM EST

    This is a carpentry blog?

  3. and here i thought you were still agonizing over shaving those ankles just so.