Saturday, March 25, 2006


Like any fan of parody and free speech-or at the very least speech that is "drastically reduced"-I read the article above with relish. It is just too rare these days that you read about our civil liberties actually being enforced rather than eviscerated. I'd also recommend a visit to the guy's blog where he posted the letter his lawyers wrote. Of course, his parody is only about 1/10th as funny as the real exodus site, where your ex-gay self can find support and activities to attend.

My personal favorite in the Ironic Title Division is the "Distortion and Reality" seminar, which you can attend to learn about things including "self image" and "shame". Query: If you are in that seminar, haven't you learned all you'll ever need to know about shame as it relates to self image?

I was a little confused however, by one of the seminars in May:

"Breaking Free Weekend: Intimacy & the Divine Marri"

I'm not sure, but I believe this same "seminar" was held over for three sold out weekends around Pridefest in Provincetown last year. But hey, they are the experts, doing God's work. Maybe volleyball-in-glitter , hot oil massages and drag shows really do help people turn away from the sinful gay lifestyle.

It's an interesting argument, I suppose; can the rational mind overcome the natural will of the sex drive?

On one side you have this handful of folks who say, yes, with the help of religion, you can, and on the other side...let's see...oh yeah, the entire history of the male gender.

Look around. Look at some of the folks lumbering around these days. Somebody, somewhere, had sex with someone who looked a lot like they do now. Not pretty, is it? But it is true.

The saving grace, the real Grace, is the other truth in that fact: they probably really enjoyed it.

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  1. Or maybe they didn't really enjoy it. Maybe that's why their progeny is trying to poop on everyone else's party. I'm just sayin'...