Tuesday, March 28, 2006

"Senator, I served with TB, I knew TB, TB was a friend of mine. Senator, you are no TB."

D_ is TB free and out of the hospital. Turns out it was not TB, but some sort of fungus that had been lying dormant for, well, there really is no way to tell. Could be something he picked up in the Amazon...yes, the Amazon. It's almost worth a hospital stay, really, to be able to drop that line.
"I don't know...could be something I picked up in the Amazon..."
Sure beats "I don't know...could be something I picked up in a Bed-Stuy crawlspace..."
The real long-term good news in this story is that he had finally purchsed health insurance, which went into effect three days before he landed in the wards.
TB is TB, but a $100,000 hospital bill? That'll ruin your whole day.

And for those of you who don't know, the "Death to the Automatons" movie is in the throes of post production now. Jim has put up some photos here.


  1. I hope that your post is prophetic; I cared for a cat with Cryptococcus. Admittedly, me saying "oh there was this orange cat who sneezed on me" doesn't have the cache of the Amazon.

  2. Cat, you could always say, "dunno...could be something I picked up on Amazon.com".

    Don, I'm glad your pal is ok now.

  3. Hay Don, glad to find you again. I've been out and about and have missed your wit. I finally tripped, stumbled and landed on to your new blog link. Looks good! Take care and keep it coming! By the way, how's Henry?