Friday, March 10, 2006

Update, Schmupdate

Oh yeah, just because everyone else posts to their blog a bit more frequently, I'm supposed to as well...
I'll have you know that my last post, in geologic time, was entered less than a blink-of-an-eye ago.
Been to Colorado, been back. Not really a lot to report about that whole thing, except those things which everyone already knows:
  1. Kids grow. And...
  2. Families are less the irreducible building blocks of civilization many would have you believe they are than an intricate and bizarre social experiment on how to deal with the fact babies just keep dropping out of people demanding ridiculous amounts of physical and emotional maintenance for, like, 70 years. How do you plan for that?
Viewed as a part of The Basic and Only Plan (no matter who or what you believe conceived it), and so, of supreme importance, "Family" is an emotional rollercoaster made up of a few nice climbs but for the most part stomach-wrenching turns broken by an occasional free fall of horror. Viewed as the product of a dice-rolling History of Social Anthropology, it becomes instead a kaleidoscope of wonder, entertainment and occasional insight into the condition of the human animal.
It's the difference between being a fan of the New York Jets and living in the city where the New York Jets play.

More on that later.

Plugging a cool start page here...if you go to you can check out and sign up for their cool, free start page. I've had a yahoo start page for years, but this is the sort of tech example that makes you wonder why everything isn't done this way. And it has an RSS reader built in so you can get the feed from this blog...which is important, since it is so...(ahem)...difficult to keep up with...(cough)...


  1. Don ~
    I like to fancy myself a bit above average intelligence - and this post... um, ya lost me.

    Anyhow, knowing you really don't have the patience for this sort of thing, wtf do I want a protopage for? and what was all that about family... does your sister read this? Is she going to be offended? oh the questions just keep rolling around in my head... but maybe I will just ask them on my own blog, and send people over here...

  2. Anonymous3:01 AM EST


    And your blog address is?

  3. You need a nap. Or a drink.

  4. Nobody "needs" a protopage, I just thought I would throw it out there as a cool little app. Just something to play around with in the spare time one clearly has if they are reading this right now...