Monday, April 24, 2006

The Bummer

I'm not gonna lie to you, this one is unprofessional and a bummer. And long. And poorly recorded. And it has 750 calories, all of them from a new, cutting edge High Fructose Trans-Fat.
Whenever you add a song at the end that you can't allow yourself to listen to in certain situations, it is not good....

I will just say this: In the process of mixing, compressing, uploading, etc., this podcast, I have probably learned more about what to do/not do, content-wise, than all the previous outings.

I will improve.


  1. Just realized the file got all jacked up somehow...working on it....

  2. Here I am at almost 12:00 midnight when I have 3 kids and myself to get dressed, fed, prepared for the day and out the door by 8:00 tomorrow morning, and I'm listening to Doncast #4. So it can't be as bad as you try to make it out to be. You elicited some chuckles, some sympathy, some empathy, and damn, you found a way to work in a song by Donna Summer. Not nearly as bad as you think. Keep on trucking.

  3. With the advancements in medicine, modern people seem to have lost their awareness of just how fragile life truly is. Whenever I wander through my favorite Victorian graveyard, I am always struck by the number of people there who died much younger than I am now. I have to wonder that since we don’t expect it, does the death of people in the prime of their lives hit us harder than it did our ancestors, at least in terms of driving home the concept of our own mortality?

  4. One of my cousins died of cancer, a year younger than I am now; my brother's best friend was a year younger than that when he died.

    I don't know if more young people are dying today than in the past, or if we are just more shocked by it, since we have more faith in medicine today and in our seemingly healthier lifestyle.

    I'll tell you this much, when I saw a doctor recently, he said "I'm sure it's nothing serious, you're not even 40."

    I said "tell that to all the people who died younger than me; You know what? You can't tell them- they're dead!"

    PS. I changed doctors.

  5. Don Wood is funnier than a root canal. Although this most recent podcast was a little heavy it did, in fact, give me a chuckle or two during my denist appointment today - a root canal.

    To everyone out there: take care of yourself and your loved ones and stop to enjoy the NOW.

  6. Yep, I've decided to that if I ever require major surgery, I'm going to request that "The Doncast" be played in the operating room instead of Wagner's Die Walküre (it's beautiful music, I'm not anti-semitic).

    Since they do say that a person can absorb what they hear while unconscious (or on the bummer chance that I'd be a freak person who's awake while paralyzed by the anesthesia), I think the soothing, amusing, rambling verbal adventures of "Nash" (as in Nash Rambler) Wood would be great! Besides, with Wagner I'd come to wanting to kick booty, but with Wood I'd come to just wanting to kick back. Probably. Or I'd want to demolish things with sledge hammer....hmmmm....