Saturday, April 29, 2006


If you can sit through the opening ramble, there is actually some information on hammers in here somewhere.
One thing I forgot to do is credit the music. The opening is "Goodbye Again" by Dave Alvin with Rosie Flores, off "King of California", one of my favorite albums of all time. At the end I've tacked on Steve Earle's "Home to Houston" off of "The Revolution Starts Now."
It's probably not entirely legal to use this stuff, but I just can't help myself from evangelizing. I sincerely believe that if you hear it, you will be hooked, go to Itunes or whatever, and buy it.
Carry on...


  1. Holy crap, you used "Dickensian" in a sentence like it was a normal word. It makes me think this whole carpenter thing is a cover story. Tell the truth. You're a closet scholar aren't you?

  2. From now on when people talk about "the crack problem", I will not think of drugs.

    All the information on hammers was very- well, informative. I'll keep it in mind when I buy a new one, which I should do sometime soon.

    Someday, tell us what you think of Yankee screwdrivers- functional or just a novelty tool for show-offs, like the giant tape measures?

  3. Not only did he adeptly slide "Dickensian" into a sentence, he turned it into an adverb (yes, I believe it was an adverb). Mighty impressive. As for the music, I was digging "Goodbye Again", and I loved the Steve Earle song from the last doncast, but "Home to Houston" was a little too downhome country for my tastes. But I have to say, I hope you continue the music in this vein because the nameless Romanian crap and the tango you were doing before left me scratching my head.

    I think the best part of all this is how much you seem to be amusing yourself.

  4. Amysue, you are a musical Phillistine. =)

    Buttcracks are why God invented suspenders. There's only so much of a man's tush I want to see if I'm not sleeping with him. Unless he's Hugh Jackman.

    OK, Don, fess up! How much hinder cleavage do you bare on an average day at work?

  5. I'm LMAO listening to Dons on the job stories. As Don would say " It's RIDICULOUS! Sounds like he has so much fun! Amusing and informitive...that's Don in a nut shell.

    Don mentioned "cut bait". Can anyone tell me what "cut bait" means?

    Hay Don, we all have to admit to kvetching at one time or another. Self control is the

  6. after a couple of 20 ouncers I start to get hammered...whatever that means.

    nice job done

  7. I wear a new invention known as the "belt" to keep from showing too much cleavage. "Cut bait" comes from the expression "Fish or Cut Bait" which is kind of like "either do it or just give up and forget about it."