Saturday, April 08, 2006

Doncast 2 This Time its Personal

Another meandering nightmare of incoherent babble, this time read from the surface of a slanted piece of wood.

One useful portion: a review of Makita's 14.4 volt Impact Driver Kit.

Also, a very helpful explanation regarding an online service you may have heard of...


  1. You continue to impress me with your choices of music.

    One thing I've noticed about your podcasts is just how laid back your manner of speaking is. It's very relaxing to listen to.

    I also don't think of your podcasts as wasted time. It's more like 20 minutes of putting off doing my weekend chores. There's always something to be said for that.

  2. hey, man, that was much better!

    You sound very comfortable when you're talking about tools and your vision for the don/pod-casts. I enjoyed those parts.

  3. long live don's elbows!

    20 minutes eh? i think someone's hit their stride.

  4. I'm just impressed with your novel use of a shim.

  5. shim shiminey, shim shiminey, shim shim she-ree, a don is as lucky as lucky can be

  6. Anonymous12:48 PM EDT

    Now that the writing is on the wall...

    You've got a captivating voice.

    I'd like your podcasts to encompass much more than just tool talk and carpentry.

    Your opinions on media happenings, politics, rising gas prices could be interjected with talk about Henry, your friends, why you hate certain things, relationship issues, etc.

    Surprise us!

  7. Anonymous1:12 AM EDT

    You never cease to surprise me. Keep it up!

  8. Finally got a chance to listen to this one.

    So I seem to be able to follow your tangents thus far. Should I be concerned?