Wednesday, April 05, 2006

What...podcasting you say??? My first one:

So, one of the reasons I've been under the radar is that I've been trying to soak up as much info as possible about podcasting, now that I am addicted to them myself. Well, I've stumbled through a test case cast, and it is now available for listening.
This almost unlistenable experience includes a reading of a post from a while ago and other crap.

Click on the link/title above.

And yes, this might take while to get right....if it oesn't work just shoot me an email at


  1. Color me amused, Monkey Boy! How did you know I was in the mood for tango music?

  2. Millicent6:26 PM EDT

    Oh my God! That was great! The au natural-ness of it, flubs included, made it so NOT "a train wreck". The spontanous "notes to self", the unexpected bursts of little laughs here and there, the sqeaky and/or hushed voice were very entertaining, so much so that I must listen again tomorrow, when I can crank it up a bit. Good job! If this is your way of being lazy, I'm all for it! Maybe you could drink first, for extra entertainment value? And do you do outgoing phone messages???

  3. Yaaa Baby! LMAO
    Don, as with anything, practice procures improvement. Keep it coming!

  4. um...yeah.

    So I'm on dialup, and after all the buffering/playing, buffering/ became a 25 minute event

    I appreciate your giving this an effort, and you now have a starting point from which to grow.

    And remember: you shouldn't give a flying leap what I think one way or the other. This is your place after all, and I'm just a girl who can't stop clicking the link to get here.

  5. mwaheather2:28 AM EDT

    So, I've been offered the opportunity to do weekly 2 minute spots on a local talk radio station.

    You now have me rethinking that.


  6. All you need is funny noise makers and you could take your act on the radio.

  7. 'doncast' made me chuckle. it sounds like a product we all must have that will be 'new and improved' the next go 'round.

    'now with more Tango!'

    note to don: i've no clue why, but i never realized you had such an 'announcer' voice!

    picture-free blog forgiven! hee!

  8. So for me, this was a podcast proper, my first; that is, I came, I downloaded, I listened. Took my trusty nano with me to work and listened at lunch. I have to hope no one heard me laughing to myself. Note to self: Ask Don to please never again cough into the mike and watch his volume fluctuations or he may be named in my future suit against ipod for hearing loss.

    All you need now is a sidekick (it's a shame Henry doesn't speak English) and ahem, not that I'm asking you to blow any extra money on this endeavor, a better mike maybe?

  9. Anonymous8:35 PM EDT

    How about an occasional monologue from your "stand up" days.