Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Pics, pics, pics

It seems like that's all people want...(sigh)...well I'll do you one better, especially since I'm really in a lazy writing period, and give you this video which seems very "spring"time to me.


  1. That rocked! Now I'm thinking that walking up walls should be a new Olympic sport. I'd watch that. Makes a hell of a lot more sense to me than curling.

  2. Curling?, that's not a sport. It's men with brooms and one big rock.lol
    Thanks Don for indulging we pics addicts. I've seen this building jumping- tell me are they crazy or just overly athletic? and is that humanly possible without breaking ones neck or at least a small extremity? I think "Little Grasshopper" would be proud!

  3. moving pictures do trump regular ones, sneaky monkey.

    Ninja for Hire, even. That'd be way cooler than a clown at birthday parties.

  4. Wow - I vascillated between the me that wants to do that and the mommy that hopes her children never have ideas like that - it really does feel like spring -- ya know, the me that wants to pass class and the me that can't stand it, must get beer and taco time and go to the park instead of class - "spring fever".

  5. Millicent5:26 PM EDT

    At least two of the snippets were recorded very nearby in Orange County; the food court flips and wall walk were done at the Westminster Mall (I'd recognize it anywhere), and when he walks across the blue girder, he's at the Mainplace in Santa Ana, my favorite mall.