Thursday, June 22, 2006

Revolution!....and Vinyl Siding...

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Music by Studio Group and The Bouncing Souls.

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  1. I can see your point about rooting for America when you're an American. I'm sure the people in Ghana aren't saying, "We suck. Go America!!! Hooray for the USA!!"

    Your team sounds like the Bad News Bears. The Wretched Record Ramblers? Anyway, congrats on your win. Go Ramblers!

    Another good thing about siding is that if a piece gets damaged, it's easy to replace and, as you said, not so costly. It's a shame it's so ugly.

  2. Your topics are so approprite for me today.

    I was in Chinatown in SF yesterday and it was in the 80's; it does have a certain aroma . . . North Beach smells much better in warm weather and they have gelato there.

    I also watched part of the Australia/Croatia match with a group of young, moneyed Aussies in an Irish pub. Since the US wasn't playing, I hope my rooting for Australia is okay. I thought if I did, maybe somebody would pay for my Jameson's. They didn't.

    Henry summers in Connecticut? My cat is seriously deprived.

  3. So glad to hear that you're back in the underground bunker. I've missed it. Make sure you stock up on water and MREs so you don't starve when the Revolution hits. ;0)

    On the military bases here they play the national anthem in the movie theatres before showing the movie. Initially I thought it was odd but now I find it kind of nice; it's not like we hear the SSB that much in our everyday lives. Since tv stations run 24/7 you don't even hear it at the end of the broadcast day.

  4. Anonymous1:16 PM EDT

    Not only do you seem to travel a lot, Henry does too.

    He's a very cosmopolitan dog.

    I love baseball...go Ramblers and Red Sox!

  5. Anonymous5:20 PM EDT

    Hmmm, your team sounded like every team I ever played for. I do say, when I do actually watch world cups and such. I do cheer on the "home" team, unless of course the other team is cuter (j/k).
    Henry, is going to be in 7th Heaven. O, the life of a dog. Just so rough. I'm glad your letting him go and experience new things. ;) Vinyl siding. I wanted to get that once, until they said it would cost me at least $10,000. Reason being, I am waaaaaaaay too short to paint my house and fix any wood siding. Not to mention I am way to delicate. Glad all is going good for you. And as usual keep up the good work.

  6. Hey Don, finally had a chance to check out my first Doncast. The volume was ok, my eardrums were left intact.

    As far as the World Cup goes, it always amazes me how every 4 years North Americans get caught up watching a sport we normally don't care about. But I think we just get swept up by the passion or "the Fever". As least Americans have a team to cheer for, up here in Canada we haven't had a national team make it to the World Cup since 1986. So I'm cheering for Germany since I grew up watching soccer or fussball in West Germany but those Italian players are just so damn hot, I'm pretty conflicted as to who I'm going to root for in the semi-finals. My friends and I happened to be passing through Munich the day of Germany's first game and it was a pretty wild experience. We felt like we crashed a party that we weren't invited to and then tried to look cool and fit in. Which was pretty hard seeing how we weren't wearing some type of national flag head-to-toe and had not drunk our body-weight in beer by noon.

    As far as national anthems go, don't know if you heard the Edmonton Oiler fans singing "O Canada" during the Stanley Cup playoffs, but it was absolutely surreal to hear over 16,000 people singing their hearts out and what was even better is that they did it with the US anthem too. One of the few times I got goosebumps while listening to an Oilers radio broadcasts. Anyway I'm rambling at this point and its 1 AM, but now at least I'm not a Doncast virgin and I look forward to hearing future ones, take care.