Wednesday, June 21, 2006

No Audio

Not yet anyway. Gheez Louise its been a ridiculously busy week. Back to the dentist...again...tons of work and a couple softball games, not to mention Paul's birthday, which included square dancing...square dancing. Now I've just sat down to upload some pics to the site and found that for some reason my sitebuilder software needs to download the whole site...everything...before I can upload anything... Not good. So I just thought I would throw up a few words to let people know that I know I'm behind.
Hope everyone is doing well.
Good luck to the US team tomorrow (Thursday).


  1. Square dancing...that brings me wayyyy back to elementary school P.E. We learned square dancing on the days when it rained. I remember really enjoying it.

    We also did some rather strange things with large nylon parachutes and whiffle balls in the gym on rainy days as well.

    Creative or odd? You decide.

  2. Houdy Don! Square dancing? I thought that went out with the 70's along with that Lawrence Welk guy. Hope things turned out well at the dentest. That can be a place of doom.

    It's Thursday night and everyone must know by now that the US soccer team didn't pull it off. Maybe next time.

    I checked out your new B-Ball pics. Love your socks! lol, and with Terry's head in his hands I'm assuming you guys lost? No biggy, there's always the next game.

    Res, parachutes and whiffle balls? that sounds dangerous, creative and odd! lol