Friday, July 14, 2006

Ramble Rumble!

Who rambles worse, me or Gordon Lightfoot? Listen and judge for yourself. Remember, he's Canadian, so I get some sort of handicap. Other than that, there is really almost nothing of value here.

Lufkin and Stanley Tape Measures might make an appearance, but other than that, it is all downhill after the great opening song by The Mooney Suzuki.

You can also check out the photos I promised here.


  1. Well, your ramblings don't rhyme, and I don't think there's much of a melody to them, but I still think you are the champion. Yours make me laugh, his are putting me to sleep.

  2. My Grandfather used a 12' tape that could fit in his shirt pocket; my cousin, on the other hand, (oh, you'd love him) has something that requires a wrist brace to carry.

    Good opening song this week.

  3. Hey, I enjoy Gordon Lightfoot's music.

  4. In defense of Henry, people food is always better than dog food, aside from maybe brussel sprouts.

  5. Anonymous3:39 PM EDT

    The "lace" undies picture is almost wallpaper worthy...

  6. Anonymous7:33 PM EDT

    F. is an ass and the ass is F.s'...hmmm.

    Peek-a-boo butt cleavage...better than a full-on crack!

    For Hen, peanut butter on cookie bones, he'll love em.

  7. I forgot-

    1) I have no idea what the pie in Memphis tasted like, but mine was pretty damn good.

    B) You said (in your world cup cast) that you have been to all the states. Was that by design or luck or . . ? And is it worthy of discussion in a future cast?

  8. Ah, "The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald"...a man after my own heart. Reminded me of driving across Canada a few years ago listening to "Sundown" over and over again.

    Hey Henry's a smart one... if I was a dog,I'd pick a pb&j sandwich over boring dog food anyday.

    Took a look in my toolbox and found a 30' Craftsman tape measure in there. Obviously I don't use it all that much. Probably weighs more than I do.

  9. Anonymous11:29 AM EDT

    I liked the opening music. Of course I suppose I am behind the times livin in the middle of nowhere and never hearing of Gordon Lightfoot. I have to say one thing I do like about your podcats is you do change the music. You keep things interesting. Its not like you ramble on about the samething every podcast. Aside from that, I like the photos as well. I forget how much I just love lace undies and cracks. Ok, seriusly, I love pb and j sandwhiches better and that picture of you was nice as well. Which one you ask. I don't remember right off hand, but I swear to you there was one I liked.

  10. I suppose this is the point whee I need to come clean and say that I only used the Gordon Lightfoot because he rambles. I do not like Gordon Lightfoot, though the line "boys, it's too rough ta feed ya." is something I yell out for no reason from time to time.

    Actually I was very disappointed he didn't sing "Brandy."

  11. Betcha won't be putting a Gordon Lightfoot song on your podcasts for a long, long time...LOL.

    Might get my Canadian citzenship revoked for saying this...but he only has about 3 good songs...the rest will put you to sleep.