Sunday, July 30, 2006

Hoo-wee... it's a Scorchah!

Well, it's been a while and I've come back better than ever....okay, not really. But I am back.

In this podcast:

Like everyone these days, I complain about the heat for a while.

Speaking of heat, the robot movie, "Automatons" is now out there trying to create some heat for itself at festivals. It is, in fact, discussed within...

-(by the way, they have cool, new, pink, skull girl shirts at their store, here)-

Everything in the actually semi-almost-useful tool section will probably be a little easier to understand if you check out the photos on this page first. They make a lot of tools but the one on the front page is the one I talk about in the podcast.

Music is by a Dallas (Howdy Mike!) band inexplicably singing, constantly, about New York,
The Old 97's.

Also covered:

The Brooklyn Ale House.



  1. Anonymous9:18 PM EDT

    Millicent here.

    As usual, yet another masterpiece of pop culture puncutated ramblings. I had this puppy looping on my computer all day long in an effort to fully appreciate it all, but I only managed to hear bits and pieces. Oddly, the Mansquito bit was one of the bits I heard just about everytime it came around...

  2. A channel lock! So that's what that thing is called...been using it for years for plumbing fixes and had no idea what it was called. Thanks Don:)

    Should start a bar league for my dragonboating team...then again we do get 1/2 price drinks and appetizers after Thursday practices at our regular wateringhole. So I shouldn't really complain.

  3. Henry's too cute for words. Is that a naturally occuring mohawk hair-do or did you cut it that way?

    Sorry about your B-Ball team, but on the other hand the bar team and a free first round of beer sounds unquestionably good. Any free beer is unquestionably good.

  4. So you're the big fish in the little pond on your new team? Not too shabby.

    Why is it that most tool terms and construction terms have some sort of sexual double meaning? Is it a function of those fields being male-dominated? Does someone think up these names to amuse themselves? Nuts, studs, screws. I'm just wondering...

    Henry, that is a cool-looking 'do, thank your daddy.

  5. Amysue, you forgot a few-

    lay (as in carpet)
    butt joint
    double hung (as in window)
    concrete vibrator
    tongue and groove
    rim joist

    I shall stop this now.

  6. Caulk? I don't get that one, must be out of my league. But, yeah, that's exactly what I mean. I've always wondered about that. Which came first, using those terms in a professional way or a slang way. These are the kinds of thoughts that suck up my mental energy. Sad.

    By the way, Cat, that was impressive. :)

  7. In response to one of your earlier podcasts (I finally figured out how to listen!), here is a list for you:
    The 50 most expensive cities in the world, according to the cost of items including housing, transportation, food, clothing, household goods and entertainment:
    1. Moscow
    2. Seoul
    3. Tokyo
    4. Hong Kong
    5. London
    6. Osaka
    7. Geneva
    8. Copenhagen
    9. Zurich
    10. Oslo
    11. New York
    12. St Petersburg, Russia
    13. Milan
    14. Beijing
    15. Istanbul
    16. Paris
    17. Singapore
    18. Dublin
    19. Sydney
    20. Shanghai
    21. Rome
    22. Kiev
    23. Vienna, Austria
    24. Tel Aviv
    25. Helsinki
    26. Dubai, United Arab Emirates
    27. Douala, Cameroon
    28. Taipei
    29. Los Angeles
    30. Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
    31. Lagos
    32. Beirut
    32. Hanoi
    33. Sao Paolo
    34. San Francisco
    36. Stockholm
    37. Ho Chi Minh City
    38. Chicago
    39. Miami
    40. Rio de Janeiro
    41. Lusaka, Zambia
    42. Amsterdam
    43. White Plains, New York state.
    44. Shenzen, China
    45. Abidjan, Ivory Coast
    46. Dakar, Senegal
    47. Toronto
    48. Jakarta.
    49. Bratislava, Slovak Republic
    50. Prague, Czech Republic
    74. Melbourne
    93. Perth
    99. Brisbane
    100. Auckland
    105. Wellington
    108. Adelaide

  8. I am thinking the carpentry terms came first, and the double entendres came later.