Thursday, August 03, 2006

Heat Wove

It was a "wave" but it has broken since I recorded this earlier today, so I believe it is safe to say it is now a heat wove.

To the left is one of the transoms in question.

Here is, which I talk about during the show...and where the music comes from...


  1. I’m scared that it’s hotter in NYC than it is on my scorching subtropical island. Global warming – yikes.

    Hey, fella, don’t knock sheep cause they made your codger hat. It’s ready to ship.

  2. Anonymous2:13 PM EDT

    Damn Don, you're looking quite buffed!

    Sun tea...not a west coast fad but a clever marketing strategy
    used, I believe, by the Lipton tea co. in the 70's. Imagine all those fools who realized the tea tasted the same no matter how it was steeped!

    Henry is just awesome, no matter what his hair looks like. I did note his new green dog tag. He's stylin! :-)

  3. Thanks for the fitpod link; I read about the idea behind that in Music for the Mozart Effect.

    Now, a question related to a 'cast you did a while ago. I didn't pay attention at the time, because it wasn't something I needed (then). Your new monitor- are you still liking it and what kind is it?

  4. I'm using a Viewsonic VA1912wb and I really lke it. It replaced my 21" CRT monitor, which was freakin' huge. It was also a Viewsonic and I never had any complaints, which is why I stuck with the same brand. I thought the flat panel thing was a consumer fad, but it has been a desk space revolution.

  5. Okay, I have Cingular too and they just started that stupid billboard thing. Whose idiot idea was that? And I have had only Motorola phones, and they suck. Out of 3, none have gone more than 6 months without something going wrong. Currently, I don't have any video on my screen. Awful. When I get the money for it, I'm getting a new phone and my only requirements are that it isn't Motorola and it isn't a flip phone. Too delicate.

    About the sun tea, we never did it when I was young, but I remember doing it about 10 years ago and thinking it was so cool. Brews in the sun, wow! And just recently I read that it is a terrible way to brew tea, because it becomes a breeding ground for bacteria. Bacteria ruin everything, don't they?

    Forever in blue jeans, babe! I clean to songs I can dance to, it's really the only way to make cleaning bearable.

  6. I listened to this earlier today, and I was going to comment on something, but now I can't remember what I was going to say.

    So...I'll just mention that it's still eggregiously hot here. And I still don't have my car back.

    Hot + no car back = agitated Res

  7. I'm not sure if you've seen these before.

  8. gawd, update already

  9. Umm, is the board dead? I try to get in, it tells me critical error. Have you taken heroic measures against the spambots, Don?