Thursday, October 05, 2006

The Curse of the Doncast

Okay, there is an official curse on this show. I finally got my new sound card in, some spare time, some new photos uploaded, sat down to record a show....
...just needed one more cup of coffee... up, took a step toward the kitchen...
...caught the cord of my one month old, expensive, headphone/mic combination with my foot... ...and ripped the cord in half.


So anyway, until I get a new mic, check out the photos of the job I just finished working on, here.

Will you be in New York City in December? Wondering what in the world could Out-Christmas-Spirit the Macy's Windows?
How about a black and white vision of a hellish robot dystopia?!

On the big screen!

That's right, "Automatons" is getting a limited run at the Pioneer Theatre in NYC. Tickets can be purchased now, here, and Herr Direktor tells me that good sales for the first few days may lead to a longer run. So, if you're around, pick up some tickets. If we get a few folks buying for the first two nights, I'm sure I can get Herr Director to cohost a few beers after the show with yours truly.

Texans can see the film on the big screen during the Independent Film Festival of North Texas.


  1. Well, Don, I'm glad you're back if even marginally so. And since you didn't pull your entire computer to the floor it must be that The Doncast only has a minor hex.
    Stay well.

  2. Sorry to hear about your techincal difficulties.

    The store looks good; I like that bathroom sink a whole heck of a lot. What type of store is it going to be, the name sounds really familiar, but I can't place. You know I'll end up Googling it.

    I cannot make it to NYC for the Macy's windows or your lastest cinematic offering, but if it gets to SFO, I am there.

  3. respighimahler1:49 AM EDT

    When is the film festival in Wichita Falls? I can't seem to find dates on the linked site.

  4. Anonymous4:32 PM EDT

    "ripped the cord in half"...No doubt the sound of the cord ripping was followed by the sound of you cursing.

    "cohost a few beers after the show with yours truly"...This is the only time in my life I regret not liking beer!

    Up the ante on your next film... a dinner and fine wine, even better, some Dom Perignon...I'll buy every seat in the house! ^.^

  5. The best place to get the times, etc. for the Automatons movie is
    It has the Wichita Falls showing as October 28th.
    A Boston showing has also been added, at the Brattle Theatre October 20th. I spent many, many nights at the Brattle long ago, back in the days before Netflix and cable, when if you wanted to see Casablanca, or Night of the Hunter, or Akira, or movies from this unknown-in-America Hong Kong phenomenon Jackie Chan, you had to leave your house and sit in a dark room with others. Movie marathons at the Brattle, (the entire English mini-series "The Singing Detective" shown over two nights), are some of my favorite movie going memories.