Sunday, November 05, 2006

Tools for The Google and The Internets

Pretty self explanatory, I guess, but it does need a lot of links. Here they are:
Kerio Personal Firewall
Tune Up Utilities
Security Now
Shields Up

The music is from the one-of-a-kind Ted Hawkins. A great singer and a great story.


  1. Anonymous11:49 AM EST

    It's your blog, so you should do what you want . . . but, I have enjoyed reading some of your written words in the past.

    I'd do a podcast, but I have a voice that was made for silent movies.

  2. Anonymous3:46 PM EST

    Your choice of music for this cast was a step above nails on a blackboard.

    The swears put a smile on my face...tame compared with what I've been known to say, without apology, I might add.

    More of JFM, occasional celebrities, video these ideas, especially if they are peppered with laughter(and an occasional swear)!

  3. Ted Hawkins wouldn't enjoy Applebee's, would he? I've never heard of him, but I liked his voice. He looks just like his voice sounds. (And I love that he was inspired by Sam Cooke. I love Sam Cooke.) Just that you would call his story "great" shows that you are different from 85% of the Applebee's consuming masses. Most would call his story sad, tragic, pathetic. You saw it as heroic, no? And that's what has brought you to court rather than putting up with a $100 fine. If you're okay with that, then screw 85% of the Madonna-quoting, all-you-can-eat-riblets-eating, secretly-loathing-little-league world. Though sometimes people just want a reasonably priced meal at a friendly neighborhood franchised establishment. I have always believed that ignorance is bliss. Sometimes I long to be ignorant.

    I enjoy the podcasts (and have no problem with the swearing), and interviews are fine, but I really just like when you go off on your tangents, so keep the talk about nothing going. And I agree with Cat and have already said that I miss your written blog.

  4. Anonymous10:47 PM EST

    I did the Shields Up tests and my computer passed with a stealth rating. I just felt the need to brag to someone about it.

  5. Hay Don, you just keep doing what your doing. It's good to listen to a blog as if you were sitting with the person having a conversation instead of a boring lecture. You make me giggle!

    Question?... Can the Government be just a little too anal? It's a "blanking" pocket knife for God sakes! I know, I know times have changed, but for crying out loud!

    Thanks for the tool links. I've heard of only half of them.

    Two more things, the podcast sounds incredibly better! AND do you have any suggestions on fixing a hole in my laminated kitchen counter top?

    PS. You brag Catboy, I'm jealous! and by the way... I like silent movies, though it's better if you seen them in a theater.

  6. My advice to everyone is to get a mac and toss your worries away.