Saturday, November 25, 2006


Oh, have people already been talking about Thanksgiving for a few weeks? I hadn't noticed.

'Been working on a new job. A big job. A time sensitive job. This little-getting-way-bigger CGI company needs new desks for new computer animators, not to mention new space for new servers, and storage and power and all the stuff these very young, tragically hip, obscenely overpaid kids need to make Mr. Peanut dance around your television and tiny bubbles fly out of diet coke bottles and fly around the head of that dude from The Pianist.

As you can imagine, the company is not too hip on shutting the money hose down for a few weeks to renovate their offices. Lucky for them the Pilgrim fantasy invented to reunify our country after the civil war and allow us to forever see ourselves as a country founded on the values of people so wantonly pious they were kicked out of Europe during a time of religious wars rather than, hold your breath...the sterling-lined values of a few well-connected rich guys who finagled from the King exclusive deals to the resources of a continent...a continent, has given them a four day holiday that even the uber hip must return home for. So this week we've crammed three weeks of renovation into 5 days.

I am tired.

But here is where I am gong with this...

I am so f-ing glad to be physically exhausted, you have no idea...
Because I am only physically exhausted. I am emotionally refreshed. Work is work and that's all it is. Working hours like these, I have no time for the mental and emotional aspects of life. I'll be done in a day or two and have that time again. Many folks work like this all the time and won't. (Thanks to give: #1)

But, let me get back on track here. I just finished reading the blog of a colleague. A colleague in what, you ask? In a little thing called Perhaps you've heard of it.
The only thing on the damn site that has any real reason for being around is the forum, and the only reason it is a usable, organized, decent-to-navigate space on the in-tor-net is because early on, this woman Heather took the reins from my clumsy hands and made the changes the place needed.

So I get home tonight, all (read out loud in a whiny voice) "I'm so freaking tired, these hours are killing me..."

Then I check in to the forums on the site, for the weekly purge of spammer accounts, (they haven't killed email but they just may kill bulletin boards...) and I read a post from Catboy about Heather's blog.
Read the last posts for November 2006 and come back...

So now you know. I have never been so thankful to be just straight ahead, honestly tired in my life. Everyone reading this knows what I'm talking about. There is "I just spent all day shoveling dirt" tired, and then there is "I just spent all day negotiating with my family and the health care industry about a loved one" tired.

Hand me the fucking shovel.

Please pray or meditate or raise a glass or burn sage or whatever for Heather and her mother tonight. And remember to give thanks for today, that average, basic, untragic day that is not Thanksgiving Day.


  1. You said that so well,(particularly the part just prior to 'hand me a fucking shovel')I had to read it a second time.

  2. beautifully written and so, so true. i'm grateful today for the reminder. thanks :)

  3. Ditto on all counts!