Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Still there...

The job needs to be done by Tuesday, so I hope to be able to post something after that. Until then, I'm living at the site, for all intents and purposes. Had to hire someone to walk my dog, which should sound glamorous instead of harried and sad. Thanks for all the great comments and emails, I appreciate them. Yes, I bitch about the hours, but at least I've got work the landlord's happy...things to be glad about.
There are lost-in-the-mail xmas packages I need to pick up, so thanks in advance, I'll get over to glass eye pix asap.


  1. Anonymous11:04 PM EST

    Looking forward to stories of your holiday exploits and photos.

    Poor Henry...he must miss you something awful!

  2. Hiring a dog-walker does sound very posh, despite the reality.

    And naturally, being nosey, I want to hear about any gifts that aren't too racey to talk about.

  3. Anonymous9:43 AM EST

    Poor Henry. I too want to hear all about any gifts that are worth mention.

  4. Can't wait for an update!

    I'm thinking that Henry is quite adventurous or at least flexable. He'll go with the flow.

  5. Anonymous11:25 AM EST

    I'm sure you're taking a well deserved breather, but come on, your fans are champing at the bit...well, I am!

  6. Anonymous11:28 PM EST

    Hellooooo....anybody home?

  7. Obviously nobody's home. Let's just talk amongst ourselves! lol

  8. Anonymous8:50 PM EST

    Lavon, I was under the assumption that the job was to be finished by last Tuesday, the 16th.

    I suppose one could interpret "by Tuesday" as any Tuesday.

    I miss Doncasts...the background noises of a squeaking chair, a spoon clinking in a coffee cup, Henry's panting, all while listening to Don's melodic voice entertain us!

    Ah well, such is life!

  9. I think Lavon is onto something. How is everyone doing? Do you all have plans for Groundhog Day?

  10. Anonymous12:02 PM EST

    Groundhog day...hmmm, I wonder how Punxsutawney Phil is doing these days.

    Shadow or no, spring is just around the corner.

    I'm still waiting for winter. :-(

  11. Anonymous, I would have to say DITTO on all counts. He makes me giggle! I think maybe men have a different clock, a different calendar then women do.

    CatBoy, I'm sure all I'll be doing on groundhogs day is working and repeating myself over and over and...ohhh ya know!

    Is Punxy Phil still alive? or are we onto his great, great, great......grandson by now?

    What a mild winter! It finely hit this week in my neck of the woods.

  12. Anonymous8:15 PM EST

    Lavon, do you live in the Northeast?

    I'm the one still waiting for winter, I love the cold and snow!

    The dustings of snow we've received...pitiful.

  13. Okay, okay...I've finally caught up with all the stuff I put off for the first two weeks of the year...or most of it, and have started the saga in the post back to the forums with your Puxatawny Philibuster...

  14. Sorry Don... just one more please?!

    Anonymous, I live south of one of the great lakes, and yes, we are way below our average in snow fall this year. I'm waiting for the big one. I love the changing seasons, one never gets tired of the scenery that way.

    okay, okay, to the forum...a funny thing happened on the way to the forum. lol

  15. Anonymous4:40 PM EST

    Apologies Don, two more.

    LaVon, I am not a forum member and appreciate your info. via this avenue.

    I'm in agreement, when it comes to the seasons! :-D

    Now, back to our regularly scheduled show.

  16. Anonymous, LOL! You make me giggle too!