Sunday, May 06, 2007

Ramblers Update

This team email should answer some of the questions about how the Brooklyn Ramblers are doing....

Subject: Ramblers Update

There is little doubt about what occupies the minds of Rambler Nation this weekend. After two dismal outings punctuated by anemic offense and sporadic defense, all eyes turn up toward the Owner's Box and wonder if that infamously hotheaded denizen within will, as he has so often in the past, fire the manager.

As noted, this would not be without precedent. At this point during the depressingly similar start last year, I had already fired myself twice, though the second time was later determined to be accidental, a result of an aging owner's unfamiliarity with email and the interwebs. With a long layoff before the next game, the Brooklyn Ramblers players and (both of) their fans may have an uncertain week ahead of them. Many see the aging of the owner as part of the story, that perhaps his advancing years have mellowed him or, less charitably, degraded his already questionable mental capacity below the level necessary to follow the organization's dynamics or comprehend the box scores.

Controversy erupted after Friday's game when the owner and manager were seen drinking with many of the players into the early hours of Saturday morning. Critics wonder whether the Shot of Jack and Bottle of Bud for $5 Special was really necessary, and if the consumption of The Special would lead to further decline of an enfeebled mind, while naysayers pointed to the fact the brain in question had clearly been pickled with spirit long ago.

It looks for the moment as if the manager's job is safe, if only to provide some sense of normalcy in what has been an early season fraught with tumult. Plagued by injuries, (most notably Al "Chad Pennington Pavano Sanchez" C.), saddled with aging, high contract players for whom falling onto the base with the ball is faster than running there, and reeling from the dismissal of two players on character grounds, the Ramblers will look to next week's game against their unfortunately named rival, Repetti, to steady the ship.

One can only assume the layoff will be filled with fly ball shagging and trips to the cages.

The new schedule:
Tuesday 5/15 (We are scheduled to play two different teams here...uh...I'll get an answer on this one.)
Thursday 5/17
Tuesday 5/29
Tuesday 6/5
Tuesday 6/12
Wednesday 6/20
Tuesday 6/26
Wednesday 7/4
Thursday 7/5

Don Wood

Yes, it was a tough couple of nights, but still, it beats not playing. I've got a team with the same ability but better attitudes this year, so the losses are tough but not unenjoyable. My biggest frustration is, like everyone, myself and my hitting. After leading the team in a few categories last year, I'm below the Mendoza Line so far. I've got two games today with the Brooklyn Ale House team, so here's hoping I get my bat back on track.


  1. Anonymous1:36 PM EDT

    This is probably not the place to post this, but the Forum log-in keeps saying DEBUG mode and that my email is already in use. I recieved your email but there was no text. I would write to the moderator except that I need to be logged in to do so. Catch-22. Any suggestions? Thanks

  2. First two games, shake 'em off. Like you said, at least you're outside in awesome weather, running (gimping?) around.

  3. email me at with your username info and I'll take care of it.

    ]BTW, 2 HR, 8 for 9 plus a base on balls today in a double header. I'm off the snide!

  4. Anonymous11:54 PM EDT

    Its been awhile since I commented on your blogs. Of course I first needed to catch up on all your blogs. And well, wow.........
    I like your newest blogs. You never cease to amaze me.
    Awww, the smell of baseball is in the air. Can't wait to hear more.

  5. Anonymous11:32 AM EDT

    Why not list the game location(s) with the dates?

    You may find a few fans mulling about!

    Did I answer my own question? ;-D