Friday, May 18, 2007


So yes, this blog has basically become a dumping ground for my softball team emails. That seems like a cop out, but by the time I finish the damn things, my writing time has slipped away and eating, working and errand time has begun.

But I think I've come up with a plan.

This action will now be known as The Manager's Mailbox. See, you just slap a fancy title on it and now its a Feature, not a Failing!

So here we go with this entry's Manager's Mailbox:

Hello Ramblers,

Well, that wasn't very pretty, at least the second game. The first game was good, and we should concentrate on that and what got us there. The defense was generally excellent. For some reason, in softball, it seems you either get or give up one run an inning or 6+. It's just so much easier to run bases aggresively than it is to play aggresive defense. The hitting will come around. It's contagious, and we need about two more guys to get warm to bring it around. I chopped that video together today, you can check it out here, if I still don't have any work tomorow I'll try and get it into a friendlier format.

The big thing I noticed in cutting it together was that the guys who hit better, namely Gerald and Ryan, had some long at bats. Also, look at the difference in bat speeds. You will also be able to see some of the crap we were swinging at.

I also put some guys in positions to fail defensively, which I hope to correct in the next games.
Most importantly, people played hard until the bitter end.
Each night there are positives, we just get different ones each night and need to bring them together.
We've got a bunch of great arms all of a sudden, and more speed.
Hitting, hitting,hitting...


  1. Very entertaining, especially the caption you added. I actually laughed at loud at that.

  2. Anonymous6:10 PM EDT

    I'm loving the momentum of this season, fast and furious!

    How about an end of season "blooper" video, popcorn optional.