Wednesday, June 25, 2008

4 A.M.? Are You Kidding?

Apparently not, as I found out after rising well before dawn and doing something unprecedented: walking into a bar at 4 a.m., sober as a judge. We will be taking over Coco66 for the next few days, during the day, to shoot the bar scenes of "Satan Hates You." Shooting ended at 9:45 p.m. the night before, so the shift in working hours was extreme and punishing and had a few not-so-surprising side effects.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I present some of the cast and crew of "Satan Hates You" as I found them today, at lunch or between takes....

Our lead, Christine Spencer.

Actor Turquoise Taylor Grant.

Sound Man David Groman.

Actor Christina Campanella.

Grip and B Camera Operator Brandon Taylor.

Actor Jennifer Boutell.

Wardrobe Supervisor Tiffany Jordan.

Sweet dreams to them and the rest of the cast and crew as their heads hit their respective pillows tonight around 7 or 8 pm...except of course for the youngest whippersnappers, who I heard discussing power naps and nightlife plans. They make me remember my own youth, but not necessarily repeat it. Too tiring...


  1. I love that somehow you had enough energy to snap photos while everyone else slept...unless you were sleepwalking with a camera which I confess sounds pretty cool.

  2. Oh, I grew up well trained by friends who made it far too dangerous to be the first to fall asleep-at least if markers and/or shaving cream were anywhere close by.

    But I got my ten minutes of shuteye. Everyone just caught some when they could. Those who couldn't, like Jim and Jeremiah Kipp, the Assistant Director, had it much tougher.

    Of course, that is why they make the big bucks...

  3. Now you're just teasing. I hadn't even thought about the fact that I might get the chance to meet "Henna" in the flesh.

    PS. I don't trust anyone I know enough to fall asleep first.

  4. I am still bummed that I can't make it Friday.

    All of those photos remind me that I should be somewhere other than on my couch. Bedtime for Bonzo...

  5. Damn, I look like such a lazy whore!


    PS And yes, I found this by Googling myself. I was actually hoping for some misspelled fanfic, but this'll do.

  6. Best movie production photos ever. (And nice boots, TTG!)