Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Hang Out at a Bar All Day

As I mentioned earlier, we will be filming a bar scene in Brooklyn on Friday at noon, and if anyone is interested in hanging around drinking free beer all afternoon, you can get more details at monsterpants.net or shoot an email over to satancast@yahoo.com. I can promise it will be skull-scrapingly boring, just like big Hollywood productions, but with crappier snacks.

In all seriousness, the vibe is very good and the crew is young, eager and efficient. It has been interesting to see how three different versions of horrifically non-politically correct smartassery blend with each other.

There is the version of James, myself and Laree Love, the oldsters, which runs to sixth grade poo poo humor and the occasional "I'm just going to say the most offensive thing possible right now."

There is the one-raised eyebrow hotshot cracking wise of the young crew, letting you know they could do this job with one hand and a blindfold and that yes, young ladies on the set, they are indeed very available...

Add to these the world-weary classic camp snark of the costume and hair/makeup departments, anchored effectively by our 6'2" dragalicious makeup maven Alan Rowe Kelly and you've got a roiling cauldron of Offensive, strong enough to send the most jaded Human Resources Director screaming towards the legal department. It does however, provide all the nutrients essential to high morale during long days, late nights and absurdly early mornings.


  1. Only the cost of a plane ticket is keeping me away. I hope Martha can make it.

  2. I sent an email to satancast@yahoo.com, but have yet to receive a reply.

    May I hang around all afternoon drinking club soda with lime, instead of beer?

  3. Oh, dang it all. I just realized I have plans with my cousin. Rassafrackin' mothertruckin'...

  4. I'm with CatBoy.
    No cash for the trip.
    And, having an 8 year old chaparone crimps my style...