Tuesday, January 24, 2006

We're not all going crazy...at least about the weather...

It's official, last year was the warmest in a century. Of course, you didn't actually have to be working at NASA to feel like things were a little balmy. I was playing football in a t-shirt and shorts in late November and again three days ago.

I think it was Tip O'Neil who said "All weather is local" and I try not to make climactic generalizations based on my own tiny window of experience-generally because I'm too busy making so many other sweeping generalizations based on my own tiny window of experience-but here it is from the Boys and Girls in White Coats; the planet was warmer last year. One doesn't need to see a trend in this, even though the record we beat was far closer this end of the last hundred years than the last, but then again, one didn't need to come to wild-eyed conclusions about the last decade of home run stats either...it just seemed right somehow...
The worst part of this report, in the short run at least, is the prediction of another El Nino (I don't know how to put that thingy on there).

That last one was a real pain in the ass.

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  1. Mother nature is helping to protect home owners against facilities that supply heat generating products.

    If she could only provide us with an endless supply of a gasoline substitute....