Saturday, May 06, 2006

Notes In and Out of The Bunker

Another great day to not be in an underground bunker, no matter how Strangelove-meets-Our-Man-Flint it might be. Not too many details to report, just the eulogy for a mercy killed episode and a call for questions.

An important change, I'm going to try and use music from Podsafe Audio, which has been created under the Creative Commons license and may keep me out of hot water if people actually start to listen to this thing. I've found some great music on there, including this week's selection, a live performance by Musicos Unidos de Latino America, or MULA.


  1. The podcast plays at double or triple speed.

  2. Anonymous6:16 AM EDT

    It played okay at my end.

  3. I don't know what to say -- it still plays at supersonic speed. It must be an issue with my computer...or my ears are listening too fast.

  4. Anonymous8:17 AM EDT

    The Odeo link was at a crazy speed for me, too. When I clicked in the "Notes in and Out of the Bunker" link, that played at a regular rate, but only for about 10 seconds at a time with long pauses in between.

  5. plays at normal speed for me when I click "Notes in and Out of the Bunker" and the download through iTunes plays fine.

  6. I'm not at my home comp and am having some trouble logging in to odeo, but I do remember there being a note somewhere on their site about that as a known issue. I am going to take the link down, I just had to put it in for a bit so they knew it was me who "owned" the podcast. This way they now know not to let anyone else edit it, delete it, whatever. I wouild recommend feedburner directly or itunes or just clicking on the show title. That should give it to you directly. Odeo, itunes, etc. just let you get it through subscription.

    And thanks everyone for the questions!


  7. Anonymous12:25 AM EDT

    No questions...just enjoy listening....

  8. I would have to say dito on not having any problems with the podcast. Those having a speed problem maybe should take two (item of your preference) and call the doctor in the

    Don it's a great idea to have a "ask Don" segent on the podcast. I could ask you about my porcelain tub that is chipping and if I can using calking to fix it or do I have to buy something special to repair it? Remember it has to be simple and cheap because I'm a SWF with no $$$ Seeee..."ask Don" is a great idea!