Sunday, May 21, 2006

Extra, not Bonus...

The basics:
-Another Home Toolkit item.
-Bad Paint.
-Live Paul Weller (Style Council version) to start, singing greeting card (thanks!) to wrap it up...

By the way...listen to #8 first!


  1. I think pliers is always plural like grits; there's no such thing as a grit. See what I mean?

    Your comment about the new carpet is right on the mark. Last time I had carpet installed, the installer told me to turn the heater up to 90 and leave the house for about 8 hours until the formaldehyde burns off.

  2. Don, your extra pod cast was like putting a quarter in the gum ball machine and getting two for the price of one. YA! BONUS BABY!

    There is something very wrong if your home is so toxic that it can make you sick. Waiting for formaldehyde to dissipate? Catboy you've got to be kidding? Is modern technology all that great?

    Don, righty tighty...lefty loosey... that's too cute! and helpful!

  3. I've learned since then, that you can request a list of potential chemicals contained in household products. And it turns out that you might be safer living under a bridge.

  4. Catboy you make me LMAO!

  5. Anonymous1:31 AM EDT

    Well Don, its been awhile since I've listened to your doncast..*sheepsih grin* Sorry had some catching up to do. I must say, you have improved. And I still love listening to your voice, even though sometimes i get distracted by the world wide web while listening to you....I mean I hear you but..ah, nevermind...
    It all sounds great-righty tighty, lefty lucy was it?????