Sunday, May 21, 2006


Just the basics for now, as I am at an in-tor-net cafe uploading this mess. Guess what? There is a lot of ramblin' in here...

Buy Dave Alvin and X records.


  1. I've wanted to put music clips on my blog and found (as you did, it seems) that most of the legally obtained music is very limited. So I said the hell with it and will be using whatever I like.

    Shotgunning . . . very interesting; I guess Grey Goose Vodka doesn't come in cans.

  2. I really enjoyed hearing Henry's input this time.

    Why would playing music on a podcast be legally any different than playing it on the radio? You only play part of the song, so someone would still have to get it from another sources to have the whole thing. You also clearly identify what you're playing, so it's free advertising for the artist. As far as I can see, you are actually doing the artists a favor instead of doing anything that might jeopardize their income.

  3. I must say, I enjoy the ramblin'. The rambling has gotten very creative. I love how your bullshit about the bunker is not just bullshit, it's fact-filled, formula- and anecdote-laden bullshit. World-class. I think I'd like my bunker to have some nice French doors to add a little style. Some big windows to view the vast dirtscape.

    Was that your stomach or Henry growling?

  4. Radio stations pay fees to ASCAP and other organizations for the right to play the music. Same goes for Colleges of Music, your High School when they performed musicals, films, TV shows, etc. Even my store must pay fees to ASCAP because we have music playing overhead. This is also partly how artists receive royalties.

    Is it illegal to use the music? Yes. Is the artist going to get upset over it or even know about it? Probably not.

  5. Also, I could have sworn I posted a comment here last night regarding new building materials/finishing materials and off-gasses. I may be going crazy, because it's not here now.

  6. Yaaa knowww...without you boys and your drinking games we girls would not have nearly as much fun. Has anyone tried "quarters"?

    About the bunker - you must admit Don has a vivid imagination! It is imaginary isn't it? lol

    res, you just might be going crazy...but is that a bad thing? lol

    Now onto the "Extra"