Saturday, May 27, 2006

It's a Deca-something! Doncast #10 - Anger and Utility

Always remember, anger is an en-er-gy, not a utility. And always keep your public image limited...
There's a bad 80's joke/pun/nightmare in their somewhere. Speaking of music from long ago, how about them Scofflaws? (good stuff at that link, but "reggae"? No, no, no...ska, my friends, ska...)

Anyway, it's late and what else is there to say that you won't have to sit through again if you decide to download the latest...whatever it is....?

Thanks for all the great comments, emails, etc.

Take care,


  1. Anonymous8:23 AM EDT

    Very entertaining!

    I'm looking forward to seeing photos of Henry's haircut.

    You mentioned his breath in the previous podcast as can't be that bad.

    Oddly enough, the ONE fat kid everyone knew was a topic of conversation between myself and a good friend, within this past week. Obesity in this country is so prevalent nowadays that it's scary.

  2. Hey, Don.
    As always, your podcast is good stuff.

    For those of us that are Short Attention Span Theatre would you mind keeping a running list of the Tools for your Crib in the margin of your podcast page?

    Still owe you pictures of the Japanese Hardware Store. I've been warned that wood is outrageously expensive so that my nix my 2x4 furniture attempts. So much for getting to be all lumberjacky.

  3. I can still name all the mothers of kids I knew growing up who tried to cover up their kid's petty (or not so petty) crimes. I am willing to bet that now they are lying about how wonderful their grandchildren are.

  4. Perhaps on your next podcast you can give advice on techniques I should have used to apply window tint to my balcony sliding glass doors. A few weeks ago I did a truly hideous job of applying the film. But perhaps the horrible-ishness of it will make it easier to scrape off when I eventually leave.

  5. Anonymous1:17 AM EDT

    I first off would like to ask..whats up with the music???
    Second, you still crack me up....
    Good thing you didn't shave Henry during the winter months other wise he'd probaly freeze his patukas off....Did he ever give a look that said what the _____ are you doing back there?????
    Thirdly, the fat kid...can't comment on that I was the popular kid who never paid attention to the fat kid unless they were popular too....
    Tool tip of the day..what was it again?????

  6. Mr. Wood, I must yet again compliment you on your truly fine taste in music. Your singing and Henry’s reaction to it was likewise highly entertaining.

    It will be interesting to hear your comments on yoga the more you get into it. I also recently started attempting yoga to help with my flexibility for dance and because I figured the whole calming your mind aspect might be a good thing for my runaway brain. That’s the part that’s killing me. In theory, I’m supposed to be getting more centered and peaceful, but in reality, I’m just getting bored. BTW, we need to see some photos of you in pretzelesque poses so that we can get the full effect of what you’re going through.

    About the bat stealer – it completely bewilders me when parents are unwilling to take responsibility for their kids’ health or behavior. I have some relatives who let their kid do whatever he wants because they want him to see them as friends not disciplinarians. It hasn’t occurred to them that it would be better for the kid to occasionally not like them than it is for everyone else to hate their kid all the time.

  7. It's a sad thing really, the way people in this country just don't parent their children. There are a lot of reasons for it; guilt over not spending enough time with the kids, not wanting to be the bad guy, and probably the most rampant-laziness and ignorance. I've said it before and I'll say it till the day I die...being a parent should be a privilege, not a right, and there should be some kind of test to pass before one is allowed to become a parent.

    We agree this time, Nellie. I've been enjoying the music big time lately. It's one of the things I most look forward to about these doncasts.

  8. Having a child and being a parent is a natural and biological right. That should not change. Some people view it also as a privilege and parent accordingly. Others do not. It's a slippery slope when one's reproductive rights are diminished or eliminated.

  9. Psst, Res and amysue! This is getting interesting. Let's continue the discussion over on Don's forum.

  10. jenn the librarian5:04 PM EDT

    I am so sympathetic to your yoga experience - I wracked my foot about two years ago and went through the whole process of 'discovering' yoga. You should try doing a Baron Baptiste DVD. After considerable experimentation I found him to be effective, not terribly annoying, and he always tells you how to modify so it's good for beginners and those with injuries (you and you). I have Baron Baptiste Live - - it's got an hour long practice and two shorter practices. (See how I call them "practices"? This proves I really know the yoga.) Try it - you'll like it.