Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Rain Delay

There are times when late is better than never. This is not one of those times...
Inside this rain delayed edition:

-Another item for your Home Toolkit.

-My new monitor, does it suck?

-Plumb and Level not explained, their importance obfuscated...

-Complaints about other carpenters, Fynn's tools ridiculed...(not mentioned in the podcast: the tools in question arrive on the jobsite in a padded yellow purse...)

-A television show you should watch instead of listening to this.

And to firm up something I say in this podcast:
Stabila is indeed a german company with a super cool website.

What's that music? Well it starts off with Joe Jackson , available here, and winds up with Dan Penn, available here or here.


  1. Umm, tried to listen, but had to give it up. There was an echo and a lot of static. Is it me or did anyone else have a hard time with this one?

  2. I had no issues with it. All the fonts look different on my new machine. Nifty.

  3. My bad, I loaded it up again and it was fine this time.

    Good luck in your new place, Don. Hope you and Henry feel at home in no time.

    I would never pick out a song with the lyric "Memphis women and fried chicken" to be my taste, but damn, I like it.

  4. I'm glad it all worked out, if the whole thing had been hinky, I would have had no idea what was wrong. And though that isn't the sort of song I usually go for, it is damn good, eh?

  5. My grandfather always said the same thing about putting things into a house that isn't square; "if you do it right, it will look wrong." I hadn't thought of that in years. Thanks.

    So, you moved. Still in GP, or did you get a windfall and move to Brooklyn Heights?

  6. Anonymous6:10 PM EDT

    Where are the promised photos of Henry's haircut?

  7. Memphis women AIN'T the only women who can fry up some good chicken! It's all in how hot the pot is. Is that too suggestive? Where I'm from it is! In my experience guys can make anything suggestive... if you know what I mean.

    Thanks Don, your suggestion for my porcelain tub worked really well !! Next project...hmmmm? so meny, and so little time. Thanks again!

    Question? are architects really that bad?