Saturday, May 13, 2006

Questions From the Great Beyond....and Japan

You asked for it. Well actually, I asked for it, but you asked it, so I'm only taking half the blame. Listener questions and dog park etiquette.

This week's music is another selection from Podsafe. More specifically, "Orange Soda" by Ghost of Gelsomina.

Don't ask me why, it just is.

Handsaw Link #1, #2.

I've also posted some unrelated pics at the old blog site.


  1. I enjoyed the Q&A portion quite a bit. I hope you'll continue with it.

    You asked where/when we are listening to the doncast. I just finished listening to it from home, and the time is 1am Sunday morning. And I must say that since I got hooked up with DSL, I can enjoy these types of media a lot more.

    Thanks for putting in the effort.

  2. Hey Don.
    I listen to you while driving in psychotic Okinawan traffic (orange means go fast, red means go faster, green means pause for the other lanes). Your podcast also makes trips to the dentist more fun.

    Thanks for all the saw info. Who knew?! You, I guess. I'll be out of the country for a couple of weeks but when I get back I'll send you pictures of the saw-buying excursion to the Make-Man DIY Store. Should be interesting!

  3. Since you asked, I listened to the podcast at home, while cleaning the bathroom. I'm sure that's a real treat to know.

    I've seen those Japanese saws; they are really something to behold. (And presumably to use.)

  4. Thanks Don for the info. I'll try your suggestion with the paint for the porcelain tub. You're too kind for answering my question, and don't worry I won't tag a subway car. I gave that up for lent... isn't lent over yet? lol

    I checked out your new pics on the old blog. Your B-Ball motley crew looks very capable! or are looks very deceiving? Your looking good with the facial hair, but it looks like you've been into the cats' milk. Thanks again for your help.

  5. You hit the nail on the head (ha! get it?) about the volume control when listening to this podcast on an actual ipod, so I've taken to listening while on the computer. I'm so typical.

    I think you've hit your stride, you seem more comfortable and smooth this time. And now I'll be going, I have a strange craving for an orange soda.

  6. Anonymous9:54 PM EDT

    Don, I listen to you from the comfort of my office home.

    Loved the detailed idiocies about the dog park attendees.

  7. I listen to it at work in the 45 minutes or so before the rest of the office comes in.

    And oooooh, I think you have instilled tool lust in me. I need a Japanese saw.

  8. holysmokes, I just finally got caught up! and as a person who falls behind quite frequently, I can the 12 minute casts facilitate getting caught up a bit more quickly than the. others. ;)

    Look forward to more stories from Der Waffle Haus

  9. Anonymous7:18 PM EDT

    Millicent here. I listen at the office. I snicker and hoot in a chair that spins and has wheels. Seems very appropriate considering the circus that is the Doncast. Okay, I'm off to the dog park now to eat my Subway double meat spicy italian sandwich.....