Monday, June 12, 2006

Missed Match

I'm not sure why this sounds like it was recorded in an upside-down bathtub, or even if it will to everyone else...but it does seem just passable enough...

Another Home Tool Chest addition, as well as commiseration on the terrible first US match in the World Cup.

Music is Bowie.


  1. Anonymous6:47 PM EDT

    Have you considered writing down your thoughts/topics so they are readily available for "the Doncast"?

    What prompted your move to another apartment? Did Henry adjust quickly?

    Do you have any vacation plans this summer?

    What did the last large meal you cooked from scratch consist of and how many folks did you feed?

    I would appreciate a hint of the "down-home" Don Wood.

  2. My oh my Anonymous, aren't you inquisitive!? lol
    I quite like the off the cuff attitude to the podcast. If I wanted a well rehearsed monologue, I turn on the radio and listen to NPR.

    By the way Don, I didn't have any trouble with the sound of your must be just an illusion.

    I have a feeling that soccer will never really take hold in the US until we win a world cup and that doesn't look likely.

    Don, even though your B-Ball team isn't winning, the important thing is that there's beer after the game? lol Have a great game anyway and be safe!

  3. Anonymous4:21 AM EDT

    Lavon, I did not state, nor suggest, Don read a "well rehearsed monologue", I merely suggested he write down several words pertaining to thoughts/topics he wishes to discuss. He mentioned on this, and at least one other "Doncast", that he has things he wished he'd said/discussed but can't remember them once he starts speaking.

    I'm sure you're in agreement that remembering a brilliant idea or comment after the fact is so frustrating!

  4. Anonymous, I absolutely agree on that point! Now the question is how do you get a guy to do something he normally wouldn't do without using tricks and strategies? lol

  5. Don't have much to say really. Like your music, podcast and such. I think you do a better job at this than I could ever imagine doing. Mine would be incoherent rambling as such or a bunch of nervous laughing. Can't wait to see the pictures of Henry and his haircut.I know I'm behind. You should see my blog. NOW thats really really behind. Ok, rambling done now.