Thursday, August 23, 2007

Cash Cab

So, a lot of people have been asking for a clip of this, and I've been climbing the steep learning curve associated with the, for me, 5 or six different steps it took to get this from dvr to youtube. I suppose it isn't quite legal...aww, who am I kiddin'? It is a copyright violation to post this, but hell, I'm in it and I'm not making a dime off it, so...check it out before they take it down. I'd type more but can't for reasons I'll explain later.


  1. Of course we already knew that you were intelligent. Your friend, however, is quite amazing too!

    Good job.

    ...and don't hate me because I've never heard of the show...remember I don't watch TV.


  2. Anonymous8:23 AM EDT

    Res, I thought the same, where Paul is concerned.

    It's men such as he who need(not should) to have lots of kids and up the ante in America's gene pool(sewer).

  3. This isn't supposed to count as a new blog, is it?

  4. Anonymous7:37 PM EDT

    what did you spend the money on?

  5. Anonymous12:30 PM EDT

    "What did you spend the money on?"

    It's impolite to ask such a personal question and frankly no one's business!

  6. Seems to me, he said something about having received the check when he wasn't working, so I imagine it was spent on rent, gas, Band Aids, dog food, lentils- that sort of thing.

    But you're right, it isn't polite to ask someone how they spend their money or how much they have. (It's also impolite to ask if they were born the sex they currently are.)

  7. I am not getting the comments here forwarded to my email anymore, for some reason, or I'd have jumped in here. I do not find it offensive to be asked how I spent the money. I think it's a natural question. Whether or not it is polite is debatable, I'd think, depending on the circumstance and/or individual. It was the first question my nieces and nephews asked, who are extremely well mannered kids and, well, kids, so you can use that to argue both sides I suppose.

    Catboy is right, the check came in during the early summer, when one job was winding down and another getting delayed, so I had a few 20 hour weeks in a row. That, and beginning to buy health insurance for the first time in a decade or so made the check's arrival a pleasant surprise.

    I did go out for nice dinners on both the day it happened and the day the check arrived.

  8. Anonymous7:04 PM EST

    I just want to say that you might be the only person I've ever seen who puts on the seat belt in a cab. Smart...and safe!