Tuesday, September 04, 2007

My Excuse

So, I said there was a reason I hadn't been posting lately...well...here it is.

Broken hand. Just the bone that goes to the pinky. Metatarsal? Something like that. Anyway, the cast hits a lot of keys by mistake and makes typing a chore.

The good news, it comes off soon... AND check out the nice deck out back of the job we're working on now. Life's good.


  1. Anonymous11:03 PM EDT

    Is the injury baseball related?

  2. Poor Don.
    Are you right-handed? Is it affecting your work as well as your typing?

  3. You have to be careful where you put your hand or that sort of thing is going to happen.

    Nice background in your picture, reminds of Tahoe, minus the lake.

    PS. I am entering the word verification and this is the second time (on your blog) that it starts with std.

  4. OUCH! A one handed carpenter is not a good thing! Luv the facial hair!

    Catboy, (std)... do you think it's an omen? lol

  5. It was indeed softball related; I lost my footing running up to barehand a rolling ball in the outfield and ended up kind of "punching" the ground. Just got back from the doctor who has cleared me for removing the cast when I'm not at work. (It's a 3/4 around, fiberglass version.)

  6. Anonymous10:08 AM EDT

    Ya know i must be soooo out of the loop anymore. I thought you were so busy with those millions you won on cash cab and forgot about of wee lil people thats why you haven't talked to us.
    Hope the hand gets better soon, ya know i would think that would really not be the best thing to have if you're right handed but as a carpenter, aren't you amidexterious?

  7. I just now saw this. Sorry 'bout your hand.